Toward The Mayflower

Remy Sharp

by Nicholas Juett

Hello, Would you like to see NEW ART and not seen recent ones along with me! Text me your slot should you wish to catch up with events in Art, call me on 07752 158 821 for info www.nicholasjuett.co.uk I am sending you my invitation to this new launch at Clare Hall. Visit daily from 9am to 6pm. It is a beautiful relaxed space of architectural merit designed by Ralph Erskin in 1966 and I am in it. On show, in range of sizes, are also some artist’s collection spanning decades – 26 pictures in all. “Towards The Mayflower” is the title for a gripping fantasy of a new possibility across the ocean. Just like today! Under the Thatcher years my own emigration in 1986 set me sail as a painter. Did you know, post 1620 in one year 20,000 immigrated to those shores encouraged by England in an economic down turn of food shortages, unemployment, pestilence and corruption. I planned my escape aged 14 so when it came to the Thatcher years (and I met her) make a bolt to Los Angeles, return and go back as an Ed Harris Fellow to study and remain… until 2001 return. As a boy regular visits to the Fitzwilliam Museum there on loan a David Hockney key to my heart. “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” painted in 1972 sold for $22,587,500 at Christie's in New York a year ago. In my show are two self-portraits exhibited to share how my colour developed from my California visit aged seventeen and was directly motivated by David – who later befriended me in my post Chicago, then City of the Angeles days, prior to resettle in New York City. A painting you may have seen on Pike’s Walk by NPA Architects that I exhibit regularly is – “A flock of émigrés present themselves in my garden, birds of a feather, which I studied and took into the belly of an old oak ship. In it like a life-jacket a two part boat could be joined together to make escape should the Ship founder thus go back to safer shores.” Bit like today – emigration. Clare Hall on Herschel Road half way down Grange Road, CB3 9AL near Uni. Library. Meet the Artist for conversation or could be purchase discussion with instalments. From now until 9th January 2020 Nicholas Juett’s “Towards the Mayflower” see BRAND NEW ART. Plus good ART OF LAST FOUR YEARS plus a sharing of my beginnings OLD ART from 1980 plus. QUICK LANDING PAGE For essentials simply visit or bookmark www.nicholasjuett.co.uk

Repeats every day until Thu Jan 09 2020.

Art for Sale

  • Herschel Road, Cambridge, CB3 9AL
  • 1 Vasari Ultramarine Violet  Barbados 30th Nov 2021




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