Sheena Grummitt

ceramics & jewellery

Individual hand-built ceramics. Organic forms inspired by my love of nature. Both sculptural and functional. Shown alongside jewellery and cards.

I am local artist born and raised in Cambridge. Life has afforded me many opportunities to live and travel abroad. This has not only given me many life enriching experiences but has provided much inspiration for my work also. My work foucusses on the tactile nature of clay often working in crank giving a rough texture to the forms surface and celebrarting the clay in it’s ‘naked’ form often leaving it unglazed. however where glazes are employed I tend towards natural colours such as greens and browns and silky white matt glazes. I also enjoy using oxides on my pots to give some colour and definition but yet retain the rough texture of the clay. My recent work has been exploring the use of mixing different clays within the one pot mainly through the technique of  inlaying clay. I have enjoyed combining crank, porcelain, and black clays in various marriages. This has become quite addictive! I am involved also in some teaching to both children and adults in a variety of workshops.

My work is currently stocked at the “Pharmacie Cafe” in Waterbeach.

My works are mostly fairly large sculptural yet functional pieces, which a suitable for both the home and garden.  However,  I also make smaller items such as soap dishes, pendants, brooches and magnets and some cards. I shall be exhibiting a variety of these at the summer at the beach exhibition at the barracks in Waterbeach for the first three weekends in July.  















Sheena Grummitt

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