Sara Rawlinson

Book Arts, Digital Art, Photography

I seek out quintessential details and textures that, while often unnoticed at first, together create the unique and remarkable qualities that enable something to become Something.

Sara fully produces each image all the way from concept, to shooting, through to printing. Before coming to Cambridge at the end of 2016, Sara spent a lot of time traveling and living in the wide world. Please visit her website for many more images.

Images are available as fine art prints, in several published books, and in several types of handmade books. One image (of King’s College Chapel with candles lit for choir rehearsal) is available as a jigsaw puzzle.


REVITALISE (ongoing): Using intentional camera movement to capture the essence of a place without capturing any of the details. This new technique gives us the overall emotive feeling of a place, rather than capturing specific memories.

TREESCAPES (ongoing): Treescapes dance with light, clouds, and breath, with sculptural qualities that are of great interest to the sky and to any passerby. Series includes a handmade concertina book.

FLORA SERIES (ongoing): Investigating emotions conveyed by subtle differences in weight, texture, and colour, I capture the visceral and ephemeral sensuality of the botanical world as delineated only by natural light.

CAMBRIDGE BOATHOUSES (ongoing): Combined views of the boathouses with artist Naomi Davies. We aim to do one of each of the boathouses along the river Cam. See and join the mailing list to hear more.

FOCUSED ON KING’S COLLEGE CHAPEL: A photographic and poetic meditation on tangible and visceral adventures within this living, breathing, monumental, sacred space. Full series includes over 100 images and a 128-pg hardback book.

ILLUMINATING CAMBRIDGE LIBRARIES: Honouring features that enable the dissemination and preservation of knowledge, this series looks at the restoration and preservation of books, and the (literal) nuts and bolts of the spaces. Includes one library from each of the 31 colleges of the University of Cambridge. Full series includes over 1800 images and a 160-pg book.


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