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Naturalistic work taking advantage of the colour/clarity achievable with modern art glass. My work laughs at great art and it is fun and memorable.

I have always been fascinated by refraction – the way clear water makes a lake bed wobble or the way a clear crystal glass enhances and clarifies the liquid it holds.  Glass holds that wonderful curved light found in clear moving water and seems to freeze the moment of the ripple. I am also fascinated by the way some objects give you a direct connection to the moment when they were made. Looking at the timbers of a medieval barn will give an idea about the tools used to work the wood and the types of timber available at the time when the building was raised. I enjoy working with glass because it combines these two fascinations. The oldest glass pieces are now thousands of years old and yet they still retain their original clarity & form. I hope that someone in a thousand years will hold a casting I have made and marvel that they can still feel your fingerprints.

Peter Halasovski

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