Mark Evans

stonework, sculpture, lettering, carving

Art school, trained mason, career in stonework. Work reflects interests in archaeology, architecture, ruins, literature, the vernacular, past cultures

Cambridge based via Liverpool, Newcastle upon Tyne, Dorset and the Welsh borders. Travelled extensively in Europe and the U.S., worked as stonemason, carver, sculptor for the last 30 years, now free of 7a.m. January starts on church towers. My work reflects my interest in pre-history, archaeology, ruins and remains, artefacts, architecture, Outsider Art and the passing of time – also surfaces, patination, juxtaposed fragmented and polished elements, toolmarks & the evidence of process. I am also a lettercutter and interested in poetry, epigrams, interesting lines and their resonances. I have a workshop in Cambridge at Cheddars Lane where visitors are welcome by appointment. I am interested in approaches for commissioned work, carved work, sculpture, indoor and outdoor pieces, lettercutting and bespoke memorials, of which I have cut and carved a considerable number over the years.







Mark Evans

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