Kay Dodsworth

oil, ink and watercolour

Painting from music in ink, watercolour and oil. Textured landscapes in oil. Artist in residence with the Fairhaven Singers.

One main area of interest for me is trying to communicate the experience of listening to music, engaging with its themes, colours and rhythms. I have been privileged in the last few years to be musician in residence with the Fairhaven Singers and have really relished the experience of drawing while they rehearse and developing the images in watercolour, ink and oil paint. The most recent work has been developed from listening to rehearsals of Howard Goodall’s ‘Invictus’. My mind seemed to be full of dancers and colour as I listened and I used photographs of dancers in The Art of Movement by Browar and Ory as reference material.

I suppose all creative activity is an expression of those aspects of experience that are less easy to express in words or share in words with someone else. Trees have always been a source of delight and wonder for me. They seem to symbolise many aspects of humanity and they contribute to the wellbeing of the planet in many more ways than we do: they also often last longer than we do. I seem to have spent a great deal of time this year drawing and painting trees which has been very life giving.

The scale of the work ranges from about 30x30cm to 80x100cm.

My work can be seen in local exhibitions and on the Cambridge Open Studios website; I have exhibited with Cambridge Open Studios since 2004.



Kay Dodsworth

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