Juliet Gorman

Ceramics / Pottery

Hand-built, low-fired ceramics reflect my continual fascination for this medium. Smoke-firing techniques, texture and burnished surfaces are present.

  • 103 Highfields Road Caldecote, Cambridge, CB23 7NX
  • The excitement and unpredictability of making work to be smoke fired is a fascinating, frustrating and exhilarating process.  I have concentrated on experimenting and developing my own style, trying to keep an honest association with the roots of the process. I suppose it is only natural that my work emulates my African origins, which given the technique, is appropriate. The figures, animals, vases and panel pictures are based on my own photographs taken during visits to various parts of Africa,  memories and research. The challenge of each piece is finding the right shape, texture and colour, which, when combined, produces a simple, but pleasing, end result. The very nature of the smoke-firing technique produces smoke effects that are totally unique and enhance each piece. Over the last year I have  been experimenting with firing horse hair onto the pots, figures and panel pictures with some interesting results. The excitement of working in clay never fades.

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