Jocelyne Dudding


Jewellery inspired by the history of Cambridge and it’s evolving archaeology, fauna, flora and folklore. Each piece comes with it’s own story.

From Cambridge’s beginnings as a Roman walled town above the convenient crossing place of the Granta (now called the River Cam), our town has been the meeting place for people and the trade of ideas, technologies, and valuables. Through using their introduced materials of gold, silver, and semi-precious gems, my jewellery tells of the changing stories and patterns of this evolving city.

From the earliest times, people have used the plants and flowers around them for decoration of themselves and their spaces. Over time legends, lyrics and lores have devloped that tell of the special powers of these plants, whether for healing, navigation or the imparting of history. These figurative pieces illustrate these stories, and by wearing the piece, hopefully bring some of the plants powers to the wearer.

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