Jeremy Nicholls

wood, paint

Jewellery boxes, mirrors and small pieces of furniture in wood, with original decorative paintings on metal leaf. Some separate paintings on panels.

The combination of paintings on gold and silver leaf with the natural pattern and texture of wood creates an effect which is which is truly distinctive. As far as I know, no one else is doing quite the same thing. The paintings are done in thin pure oil washes, which are very transparent, allowing the gold and silver to shine through and making the images complex and jewel-like. They are finished with varnish and wax to protect them and to add a depth reminiscent of lacquer or enamel.

Jewellery boxes were my starting point, prompted by a long interest in contemporary designer jewellery and the need to find a better home for the contents of lots of little cardboard boxes.

I also make mirror frames and sometimes other small items of furniture. I use European and North American hardwoods such as oak, maple, cherry and walnut and sycamore.

Jeremy Nicholls

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