Chrissie J Hawkes

Mixed media / Collage, Painting

Intuitive Painter in acrylics and eco friendly oils. Loves working on large canvases and letting colour decide what the painting wants to be.

My work is abstract /Intuitive in style and I work primarily in acrylics and eco friendly oils. Going with the flow and not knowing what will happen allows me to play with texture and color and see what appears. My current practice is exploring how color can allow a painting to come into being. I put out a limited palette and then add paint to the support and keep adding layers, scraping, scratching, drawing, doodling, adding washes then scraping some more until something begins to take shape. My current enquiry is ‘does a painting have to be about something tangible to give it resonance’. I am returning to the States in November after an enforced stay in the UK due to Covid. To while away the time I took a studio at Haddenham Arts Centre and began teaching some signature classes which I will continue when I come back to the UK next summer. These are a 1 hour ‘Play with Paint’ session and a 12 hour one to one Art Mentoring Programme. 6 students from this summers Mentoring Programme exhibited their work in Haddenham in September and we will be doing a large group project next year. I am currently negotiating with Haddenham to do a residency there next summer. 

Chrissie J Hawkes

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